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sola flowers factory

Production Lines of Sola Wood Flowers
Sola wood flowers are made of a kind of tropical plants native to Southeast Asia countries and used as a kind of diffusing medium for high end home fragrance diffusers. HOLLIA is the most professional manufacturer/ factory and exporter of sola wood flowers in China. We cooperate with growers of sola woods located in Southeast Asia countries such as India, Thailand etc., and directly import the premium quality raw sola wood materials into our factory. We have hundreds of skilled artificers make various sola wood flowers purely by hand. Please feel free to contact with us for detailed catalog of our sola wood flowers.

sola flowers
quality of sola flowers sola flowers Quality of Sola Wood Flowers
As the leading company of diffuser mediums in home fragrance industry, we insist the quality is always the first priority, no matter it is rattan diffuser sticks, fibre sticks or sola wood flowers. We have very strict standards of raw materials sourcing process and internal production process.
We are dedicated to producing environmental-friendly products. Please find below the CTI reports of our sola wood flowers.

- Test Report of BP-A, SCCPs, HBCDD, Sb2O3, PBDEs, Phthalates
test report 1CTI TEST REPORT No.RHS05F021371001 Date: Nov.18,2013

- Test Report of Diaminodiphenylmethane
test report 1CTI TEST REPORT No.RHS05F021371002 Date: Nov.18,2013
sola flowers
shapes of sola flowers

specs of sola flowers SPECS of Sola Wood Flowers
1) Latin Name: Aeschymene aspera
2) English Name: Sola Wood
3) Quality Grade: Premium AA
4) Diameter: 1cm-10cm
5) Diameter Tolerance: +/-4mm
6) Cotton Length: any length, exactly according to clients` request
7) Cotton Length Tolerance: +/-4mm
8) Color: natural white or colored
9) Shape: any flower shapes according to clients` request

Below are some common shapes/varieties of sola wood flowers:

DS01                                           DS02
ds01 ds02
DS03                                           DS04N
ds03 ds04n
DS05                                           DS06
ds05 ds06
S01                                             S04
s01 s04
S06                                             S08
s06 s08
S09                                             S10
s09 s10
S11                                             S13
s11 s13

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